Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blizzard '09

So, as promised, I am recounting my snowy escapades in a pho-to montage... *Note that all of these pictures are after 4 days of melting*

I rode out the storm at my auntie and uncle's while they were in the Caribbean (thanks guys!!). It was such a blessing to be the only car that I had to worry about digging out (i.e. not having to try to dig around all of my neighbors cars) and to have their neighbors to make me dinner! Gotta love the potroast... Anyways, I got to experience the joys of digging yourself out of 2 feet of snow. It's a workout, I'll tell you what- but it was kind of fun, too, and empowering to know I could do it.

I finally attempted to return to my apartment and was instantly made even more grateful to my aunt. The parking lot resembled what I've always imagined the apocalypse would... there were cars parked everywhere on snow mountains, under snow, skidded off the road where they'd tried to get out. People bundled up to the point of being unrecognizable were hunched up and hobbling along with various implements of destruction. Except for some oil barrel fires, it absolutely resembled the end of the world. But I once again dug myself out and made it into the apartment. Here's what it looked like in the cold light of day...

I survived Blizzard '09 and it's thigh-high snow! I should get a t-shirt...

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