Friday, January 8, 2010

What is a Guilty Pleasure? (What are Yours...?)

So I was thinking about guilty pleasures today... are they pleasures that we know have no inherit value (artistic, moral, aesthetic, etc.) or are they pleasures that may have value of some kind but are not valued by society at large (things that are labelled nerdy or weird in their current social context). I tend to think of them as the former, but it was interesting to me to realize how many of the latter I have. So here's two lists: one valueless pleasures and one of socially undervalued pleasures... but all pleasures for me, regardless.

Valueless Pleasures
Movie: National Treasure and National Treasure II
Personality: The Brangelina/Jennifer Aniston triangle
Song: "Love Story" -Taylor Swift
Album: Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
Band: Salt'n'Pepa
TV Show: Flavor of Love (I and II, not so much III)
Activity: picking at my nails and scabs

Socially Undervalued Pleasures
Movie: Easter Parade
Personality: Ann Miller
Song: "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" - Hank Williams
Album: Wicked Soundtrack
Band: Celine Dion
TV Show: Antiques Roadshow
Activity: Knitting and singing loudly in the car

What are your lists?

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  1. you are so right! completely separate entities. I tip my hat to you, m'lady!