Friday, February 19, 2010

Those Moments

Rori Gilmore once pointed out that the moments when the world is so perfect and you are completely happy are some of the saddest moments we have, because we know that it can't last and it will be a long time until things feel so perfect again.
I'm thinking about those moments, this morning, and feeling warm with the glow of their memory. Those are the moments that get you through the times that are so slow and hard that you think they can never end. And as I reflect on these moments, I realize that none of them have been me alone... they have been with people who make me feel good about myself and life. I think of driving back from Mandy's cabin with Kayla and silently marveling at the gigantic blood red sunset that we were driving into. I think of riding in the back seat with Jessica, windows rolled down, and letting "Blessed to be a Witness" wash over me. I think of belting out "For Good" with Becca, of the Golden Roast with Dara Lynn, of Nosferatu with Tyler,  of the St. Patrick's Day parade with Sarah and Matt, of Maria's run-in with the pyramid scheme pharmacist. And of my snow-walk with Bess last weekend.
I'm gearing up for battle, and I'm glad that I can think of those times that have been, but also that I'm confident that those times will come again.

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