Monday, April 5, 2010

Dance to the Music!

At some point, I'll post some of my thoughts on Easter. This year's has been especially meaningful to me, but I've not reflected enough to be completely coherent. So, in the afterglow of the joyous sentiments of Easter, I thought I'd make this week's music recommendations songs that I love to dance to. By that I mean when these songs come on, my body involuntarily begins to bust a move, regardless of place or company. Disclaimer: I definitely don't support a lot of the lyrical content of these songs. In fact, a couple of these I find flat out offense if I listen to the words- so focus on the groove, not the meanings. :)

"Bulletproof" - La Roux: I do actually love the lyrics of this one... it's so tough girl, but there's an underlying vlunerability, all set to a electronica nouveau beat. Reminds me a little of Lady Gaga, without the crazy outfits.
"Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" - Dem Franchise Boyz: This is for you, Maria. We danced to this all the time in my apartment sophomore year, and it still makes me want to bust the eponymous move.
"Cecilia" - Simon & Garfunkel: Just completely joyful. I always picture dancing under a waterfall with this. Reminds me of spring.
"Waterloo" - Abba: "Dancing Queen" is obviously a classic and a dancing must-have, but I thought I'd salute these Swedes in another irrepressible 70s masterpiece. Plus, how many dance records are centered around a metaphor using a landmark battle from the Napoleonic Wars? Not very many. And clean lyrics to boot.
"Dance to the Music" - Sly & the Family Stone: This song doesn't ask you to dance, it doesn't suggest you dance, it commands you to dance. And there's no resisting. So don't even try.
"Get Ur Freak On" - Missy Elliot: My body involuntarily begins to groove out when this song comes on. I seriously can;t help it.
"More Than a Woman" - The Bee-Gees: Thank you, Mom, for making this a time-old favorite. The Bee-Gees are a weakness for her, being a child of the 70s. Come to think of it, she's probably also why I like ABBA so much. Anyways, this is a great pairs dancing song, I would think. Good for wedding and mitvahs.
"Chop Me Up" - Justin Timberlake ft. Three Six Mafia: 2 lines of this song make me love it... "Going down, TENNESSEE, Justin Timberlak, Wha?, 3 6 Ma-ma-mafia" and "Why don't you take a sip up on this champagne?" I quote both often. And a great beat.

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