Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Song

This week I was listening to a lot of new music- I have a lot of mixes or albums from friends that I don't always listen to front to back and this week I wanted to discover some of the stuff on those CDs (love getting these goodies by the way, if you ever feel like sending ;) ). Some of these I've had for a long time, some short- these may be old to you but new to me:

"Be Careful"- Patty Griffin: I've heard for years about how great this lady is, but I've only really dug into this album recently (thanks, Jolene). This song says everything I've ever wanted to say about relationships, in a way. She wants to be vulnerable with this guy, but she's warning him up front that he needs to really think about how he's going to deal with her and their relationship, because she's fragile. She has a beautiful ache and wail in her voice. Wonderful folk music

"When You Walk You Make No Sound" - Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria: A quirky, mellow band that my friend Maria turned me onto (I think she mostly likes this because of the band name...). I like the instrumentation on this track- I haven't dug too much into the lyrics, but they seem to be sweet. And it has the meditative quality to it that makes it great background music for journaling or working.

"Cashmir Pulaski Day" - Sufjan Stevens: I've had/heard this song several times before because it's off one of my favorite albums (Come On! Feel the Illinoise!). But I'd never listened to the words on this one before. Besides having all the delightfully unexpected melodic and instrumentation elements that I think of when I think of Sufjan, it has such crushingly sad words. There's a resigned quality towards God that I think all believers can identify with, but it's not a denial of faith, which is why it resonates with me. For me, it's about what it looks like to live in a situation that you don't see a good way out of. Really pretty, which is something I value in music.

"Thank You (Falenttinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" - Sly & the Family Stone: My Daddy reminded me of how great this band is the other day. Bass line- amazing. Guitar- out of control. Horns- sexy sexy sexy. Funk- off the charts. Just so much fun and makes me want to get up and move. Sly is so great, and the band has one of best names ever. Plus, I love that he's thanking someone for letting him be himself- such a simple lyric, but pretty powerful if you think about it.

"One More Time With Feeling" - Regina Spektor: Thanks to Maria again for this one... Miss Spektor is one of the best singer/songwriters of our generation. She has a completely relatable sensibility... she's not doing anything abstract or untouchable. But she manages to bring a very fresh take to the pop songs she's doing that it makes it all seem revolutionary and innovative. This track is no different: surprising vocal choices, great turns of phrase, relatable sentiments, and catchy like you wouldn't believe.

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