Monday, May 24, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Friends in Knox Vegas

I was in K-Town this last long weekend to go to my friend Lauren's wedding and to celebrate my one and only niece's birthday. Being around all my friends there, laughing with them, crying with them, dicussing serious and spiritual things, discussing silly and transient things- all of these experienced reminded me of how much I love them and how rare the depth and bredth of the friendships I have really are.

So here's to you, dear friends. The top 10 reasons I love you...

10. A sizeable chunk of my Knoxville friends have known me for 5, 10, 15, even 18 years. This means that when I am too full of myself or preening about my awesomeness a little too much, there is someone there who remembers the time I bit it in the mud playing soccer in Wellness. Hard to have too much swagger around anyone who knew you through puberty.
 9. They make time for me when I come. They drive me around, let me spend the night, change their routines and schedules to make sure that they get to see me. Makes me feel like a special snowflake.
 8. Their sense of humor is almost as weird as mine. I have to be A Professional so much of the time now- I miss laughing at random and hilarious things! Where else but Knoxville can I find as many people who would rank Twister as one of their favorite comedies? They keep my bantering skills sharp and quick.
 7. If I needed anything- money, a place to stay, advice, someone to drop everything and come to DC- I know that I have about 7 different people who would be there, no questions asked. Wow. How many people are lucky enough to say that?
 6. They put up with me when I'm distant, crabby, judgmental, smug, know-it-allish, and tired. I am all of these things more often than I would like, so their patience is appreciated and necessary for sustainable relationships. Though, let's be honest, sometimes you provoke my distance, crabbiness, judgment, smugness, know-it-allness, and fatigue. That's why this is a give and take situation.
 5. They are not afraid to tell me like it is. And they receive me dishing it right back.
 4. They still think that Knoxville has a rush hour. It reminds me how simply life can be...
 3. We can switch from a discussion of politics and literature to an ancedote about the weird kid that they pass every day on the way to chem lab to what the best movie that Patrick Swayze every made was to what God is doing in our lives without missing a beat.
 2. I have as much fun with them today as I did when I was 8, 13, 18, and 22.
 1. So many of them love me as unconditionally as is probably possible. I have an embarassment of riches when it comes to my friends, and my relationship with each one of them is something I take very seriously. To whom much is given, much is required.

I'm still coming off the high of seeing all you wonderful people! And what's even more amazing is that I am building relationships with people here in DC that could very well be just as deep, just as fun, and just as permanent.

I keep saying it, but man, am I one lucky girl.

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