Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Final Stretch

Just wanted to express my deep and heart felt relief that as of 11:59pm on July 31st, 2010, I will have to be out of my apartment, whether I like it or not. I am so tired of moving- not even really of the actual physical relocation aspect, but just of all the little details I keep having to think about and reevaluate and track to completion.
I have had many kind offers of help (some of which I may take up on Saturday morning), but I really wanted to do this moving thing by myself for the first time. Honestly, I wanted to really evaluate what it means to have to orchestrate and execute the whole things solo so that I could be more realistic with myself the next time I think about moving. I wanted to be able to say, "Really? Do you really want to go through that hassle again?" and understand what "that hassle" fully entails.
Boy, do I understand now. There are so many things to take care of- but I have also been really blessed through the process as I learn to better release my anxieties about the process (because so many of the anxieties are rooted in things beyond my control) and rest in confidence that this too shall pass. I'm also blessed to be moving to a free-standing, adorable house, with sweet roommates to come home to, and a significantly reduced rent burden (my savings are very excited), all of which are closer to my client site and will hopefully make my life less stressful.
I am excited to be refreshed. I'm not exactly sure when that will happen, given that I have a booked weekend for the next 3 weeks, but I have faith that it is coming. In the meantime, I will continue packing my belongings (so many of which are meaningless, BTW, as I am discovering) and dreaming of a cardboard box free existence.

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