Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Update on My Experiments in Bravery

I am somewhat sad to say that I have not kept up with my page-a-day commitment. I do genuinely hope to get into that habit by the time the 365 days has rolled up. However, I am happy to report two steps that are, to me, very significant and that bolster my wobbly feet on the path to becoming a "real" writer.

1) I have officially plotted the novel that I'm working on. It started off as an image of a scene that I have seen in my head for 5 years. Then I got a crazy character named Primrose Pebbleton. Now, I see how I want the whole thing to go. I've taken all the disconnected scenes, characters, and themes and mashed them together in a way that I think will be a compelling and meaty book (providing that I pull the writing off, of course) :). I've plotted projects out before... but then immediately abandoned them because I could see where the holes were or just because the simple act of working out the plot was all I needed to do to feel closure- the story was not compelling enough to move my pen to continue. But this time, I am still so engaged and excited to continue. I am excited to see what kind of things these people get up within the structure- and I'm anxiously awaiting to find out why they end up doing some of the things it seems like they are going to. Full steam ahead, captain!

2) I have done something I would never have dared do, even a year ago. I have picked a couple of the literary agents that I am going to query once I have made better progress. It seems a little surreal, but I am stepping out in faith that I will finish and that what I produce will be worthy of the attention of a professional. Yikes!

So all that to say, I still need to figure out where I am in my countdown (I think maybe 25ish pages?), but regardless, I am feeling empowered to move forward, and shockingly, motivated and excited to do that. Maybe you'll find me on the shelves of your local Borders one day, after all...

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  1. bah! i'm so excited to be a small bystander in this journey. love you so much and can't wait to see what's in store!