Friday, November 12, 2010

About to Die

I am justing putting this out into the hazy gloom of the world wide web... I am about to die at work right now. Imagine someone standing over your shoulder for 13 hours a day say, "No, do it this way, change that, do this, now, now, NOW." Now multiply that by 5 days a week. Now multiple that by 8 weeks of your life. All of this equals a very tired and tense Frankie. Ah, the joys of being simultaneously micromanaged and firedrilled. It's the American dream.
That being said, I am hoping that things will ease up soon and that I will return to some semblance of a life. I really want to get the hang of this insane rhythm and actually be able to thrive and serve the people I'm working with. I am hoping for renewal this weekend. Here's hoping!
And here's hoping I can get back into my writing schedule. I really want to dig in over the holidays!

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