Monday, January 3, 2011

On the Importance of the Coiffure

It truly amazing how much time and energy the human race puts into grooming the fur that grows atop our heads. Note that I say humans, not women, because as I have mentioned previously, men are surprisingly vain on the subject. I am officially the only girl left on my project team of 12, with 7 of us sitting in one tiny room together, so I hear plenty of boy talk. This includes a high volume of discussion on hair products, the pros and cons of spiking, etc. So, evidently, no one is immune from this particular vanity.

I will not claim to be less vain than the rest of my species. I spend an inordinate amount of time fluffing, drying, curling, straightening, and generally primping it- not to mention the amount of time I spend thinking about whether or not it looks alright during the day. I used to think this was completely frivolous - and perhaps it is, really - but then Beth Moore (of all people) pointed out that if you wake up and think you look bad, it puts a damper on the rest of the day. It's hard to run around feeling confident when the first and last thing you see during the day is a disappointment.

That being said, I have been terribly bored with my hair for a while now. I had blunt bangs at the end of college that I liked, but once I moved to DC, these were too much work to maintain. Since I refuse to pay twice as much for a haircut than I would in Knoxville, it evolved into a sassy side bang. Yet even the side bang required more upkeep than I was willing to pay for and my hair has become a mop of blah for about 4 months now.

I began mulling a major overhaul. Now, keep in mind, I have not ventured to cut it shorter than shoulder length since I was 13, owing to an unfortunate Peter Pan cut that evolved into a Mushroom- think Tootie from The Facts of Life:

You can see why I've been a bit gun shy to get another short cut. But as I watched old movies and longed for that old Hollywood glamor, it began to occur to me that almost all of these early leading ladies had short hair. It was the time in between Victorian strictures and the 50's return of primness, and fashionable ladies wore their hair short for the most part. After inspecting the usual suspects (Shearer, Garbo, Crawford, Harlow), I settled on this type of look:

This is a late 20s, early 30s type of look, interpreted in the modern style like these:

(I assume that the cleavage would not be a required accessory)

Cute, right? Short, but not too short, working with my wavy texture. I was psyched and ready to be free from Hair-Snoozitis. Alas, when I called to make the appointment, I learned that the woman I've been going to for two years had left Aveda. Curses! I would be sentenced to hair boredom for months! 

But when I got to the salon, I snapped. I just couldn't bear leaving with the same snoozer of a haircut, so I broke a cardinal girl rule of hair care- never let a new stylist drastically change the style you have already. She was just so excited when I mentioned that I wanted a long 30s type bob. "Ooo!" she squealed, "That's one of my favorite cuts! And it would look so good on you!" Well, with that type of flattery, how could I resist? I dove in- without my pictures, without a massive consultation on exactly what I wanted. I'm trying to get better about relinquishing control.

Well, the results weren't terrible. They just weren't what I was envisioning. See, she was thinking of the mid-to-late 30s bob, which looks more like these:

Perfectly cute options, but significantly shorter than I was thinking!

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn't know what to think. Some of it was just shock at having hair so much shorter than I have had in many moons. Some of it was trying to figure out what the wave would look like in that style. And some of it was mortal fear. I was very much afraid that I had just received Mom Hair. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. The requisite short hair cut that most moms get once they have either a 3 year old or more than one child. 

What had I done?!

I have been assured by several people since that I don't have mom hair. That it's complementary and that it looks good. But I can't help but wonder- am I now projecting the image that I am about 15 years older with at least 3 children and a mortgage? Not the best tactic for luring single young men into my web. 

Oh, well. I guess the beautiful thing about hair is that it grows. And I am definitely not bored now!


Update- I had many requests to see the actual cut referred to in this post, so see below. Disclaimer: I was taking this right before I went to bed, so these are sleepy bedroom eyes, not attempted seduction bedroom eyes. Lesson learned on photo ops at bedtime.



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  1. Hahaha I love this! So so so true. Your new do looks fabulous :)