Monday, March 7, 2011

Remember When Cameras Had Film in Them?

Do you guys remember those little yellow Kodak cameras? I used to take them on every trip I went on. I still love the sound of winding the film with that little sprocketed wheel.
When I was in high school, I took a photography class. Not with a fancy digital camera, but with old fashioned film cameras. We only used black and white film and spent our class times taking turns developing our film in the darkroom, making 8x10 prints and letting them dry on the little clothes line on the back wall. It was one of my favorite classes I ever took- I loved watching the image creeping across the paper like an ink splotch as I sloshed the mysterious chemicals in the pan.
As much as I love my simple digital point and click, I feel like we've really lost something by immediately being able to tell how the picture turned out. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's also a huge advantage to be able to see that Suzy has her eyes closed and Johnny has crossed eyes before you let them run off. But I also love the excitement of getting the little book back from Walgreens and ripping it open to see how they all turned out.
Anyways, I found that film camera a few months back and I realized that it's a waste for it to just sit there, waiting for me to remember how awesome it is to have to wait to see how the pictures turn out. So here are a few recent attempts:

I used some black and white film during our last big snow

And then I took these at small group, when we were celebrating my friend Mary's birthday:

 Mary with baby :)

And finally, this is one from my friend Sarah's Wycliffe lunch. I just love that this so naturally her.

Anyways, I encourage everyone to rediscover some of the mystery! Go get yourself a little Kodak camera and click away!

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