Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Books Like Whoa - How's This Going to Work?

Finally, I am sufficiently caffeinated and focused to give this the attention it deserves. Because this is it, y'all... I am finally ready to dive into some book loving fun!

I've been stewing over having a bit more focus to the content here (rather than only my random thoughts on life) and, considering that I do it on Goodreads anyways, I am going to start sharing my book nerdery here. I'll still be sharing my general musings, life events, etc., but any time you see the tag, "Books Like Whoa," know that some serious bibliophile candy is to follow.

I'm going to play this by ear, but expect book reviews, links to book related awesome, recommendations, event alerts, and anything else that comes to me. I'd love to play a little "book match-making," so if you are looking for your next read, drop me a line and I will try to work some magic for you!

Or, I guess I could try to do a book version of eHarmony... not sure what the results of that would look like. Probably not the best way to find your soulmate. Though, if I found a chap who loved all of my favorite books, I would go on at least one date with him. I digress...

I've got a whole bevy of reviews in the wings that I will be slowly releasing, so *dark, scary movie trailer guy voice* prepare for the storm.

I'm going to go ahead and let you know how I'll be rating these bad boys (you can find this again on the review fine print page):

0 - I couldn't even get through the whole thing
1 - I weep for the trees wasted to create this book
2 - It's bad, with tantalizing glimpses of something worthwhile sprinkled in
3 - Not my cup of tea, but I get why people dig it
4 - I enjoyed it... a solid offering**
5 - It's really good: well written and pleasurable
6 - Why are you still reading this review? Go pick this one up NOW
7 - I will have to seriously reevaluate any friendship or romantic interest that does not like this book: a favorite

**I will put anything I consider to be a guilty pleasure in this bucket (


  1. Hey Frankie! I love your idea of reviewing books! I look forward to all the interesting/hilarious reviews that are coming my way. I also saw that you are rereading C.S. Lewis A Grief Observed, that book is on my list for 2012.

  2. Oh, Francesca, I think you'll love A Grief Observed. It's such a personal book and you get a real sense of Lewis as a person. A good companion read is "The Problem of Pain," also by Lewis, because you see the same topic tackled from a theological POV.
    Let me know how you like it!