Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012... Predictions, Resolutions, and Excitements

Can you believe that today is the last day of 2011? Seriously, I think this is the fastest year I've ever had - I turned around and it was time for thinking about how the year has gone and how I want the next year to go. Looking to next year...

1) Someone will get elected president of the USA and the process will be painful for everyone involved. No one will move to Canada in protest.
2) E-book pricing and royalty battles will come to a head, which will continue to reshape the book industry. I think that the standard rate for e-book prices will ultimately shake out to average around $4.99, but it may take a few more years to get there.
3) The world will not come to an end (though if it does, I'm game - praise the Lord!)

1) To read 12 more books in '12 than I did in '11... that's 62 books. Yeehaw!
2) To write every day - whether 50 words or 500
3) To think deliberately about my daily actions and how they do or do not honor what I believe and love

1) More books and more writing will be taking over my life and I am excited about that
2) I will be working on different clients at work and challenging myself and I am excited about that
3) There are possibly some location changes looming on the horizon and I am excited about that

All in all, I think that 2011 has been a year of waiting for me. I am hopeful that 2012 will be a year of change and doing, which is something I have been longing for. Change is scary but good and I am thankful that the Lord has been preparing my heart to run towards change rather than running away from it.

I hope everyone had a blessed 2011 and that your 2012 will be interesting and full of things that challenge and sustain you.

What are your 2012 predictions, resolutions, and excitements? Did your 2011 fly by as fast as mine?

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