Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Books Like Whoa: A Problem I Hadn't Even Thought About

As with most singletons, I have my moments of feeling mopey about the lack of romance in my life. Especially when both my roommates are sickeningly in love with their man friends. However, every once in a while I receive a dose of "wow, being a relationship would suck". This is once such moment:


Um, excuse me? You mean I would have to share bookshelf space? I mean, I know I'll have to share my bank account, my bed, my car, my kitchen, my future. But my books?

This reminds me of why I am not yet mature enough to promise to share my life with someone. The shared bookshelf is the last frontier, and I don't think I'm ready to cross it. Yeesh.


  1. The elephant in the home library is the duplicate copies you'll end up with if you choose someone with overlapping tastes. Space allowing, you can decide to keep dual copies of dozens and dozens of books, and this plan may work for years and years. One day, though--brace yourself, Frankie!--space won't allow or you'll move one too many times and realize that you have to agree to sell duplicate copies to McKays. You should negotiate a good deal at that juncture. Ours is a complex formula calculating number and quality of notes in the margins, condition and durability of the two copies, and sentimental value. We reserve the right to keep duplicates if an agreement can't be reached, but we try to avoid it these days.

  2. Wow, Mleeka, I hadn't even thought about duplicates. This issue is getting increasingly complicated and my relief that I do not have to address this in the near future is growing. If someone asked me to get rid of my original copy of The Remains of the Day from 12th grade English, there would be some serious problems.
    I approve of your reserved right, though - very sensible