Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Meat Shakes, and Other Lent Withdrawal Symptoms

We are rounding the corner on Easter and I am definitely starting to go a little crazy from meat withdrawal at this point. As some of you know, I give up meat & sweets most years, which I've found to be a helpful practice for keeping my head in the game during the Lent season. It helps me to be mindful of the season that I'm in and what I am supposed to be preparing for.

But this year, since I'm on the road so much, and the only restaurants in our immediate hotel area are steakhouses, this has amounted to torture. At least 2 nights every week, I have to say no to this:

And get a bland pasta or salad instead. It has surprised me at just how ill equipped these restaurants seem to be to deal with someone who does not eat meat. I know, I know, steak is in the name. But really - do they never get a stray veggie-eater in there? They always give me a blank look and mumble, "Well, we've probably got some penne and some tomato sauce somewhere in the back pantry..." I do eat a little fish, but you can only have some banal tilapia or fatty crab cakes so many times.

Full time vegetarians, I feel your pain. If ever I open a steakhouse (I'm thinking I'll call it "Franks the Steak"), I will include at least 3 meal options for you that do not include pasta or tomato sauce.

Besides being subjected to meat torture a few times a week, this Lent is moving along quietly. I can't believe that next weekend is Easter- something that is inciting both anticipation and dread in me. Anticipation because Easter is my favorite holiday. Dread because it's the last one we'll have in the church building.

I am also aware that this Lent season has been a reminder to me that I'm in autopilot more than anything else. I see my apathy and inertia in starker relief. Not totally motivated to anything about it right now, but it's an important data point when I map out my current state of affairs.

Anyways, rambling. Lent, you are almost over. Easter, you are almost here. And thank goodness, I am ready for your annual shot of hope. He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

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