Monday, April 9, 2012

A Restful Easter Weekend

Folks, Frankie be tired. Or rather, Frankie been tired. Since the Christmas break, I hadn't taken any vacation or holidays, and I was starting to go a little crazy. So aside from my general love of Easter, which is well documented, I was very ready for my long weekend. I flew back on Wednesday night so that I could go to the church's Sedar dinner with my sweet friend McKenzie. I was up and at 'em at the grindstone on Thursday, but I received some lovely Easter flowers from my parents that cheered my day considerably:

Grown up version of an Easter basket- I like! I finally was able to unplug from work in time to go to the Maundy Thursday service, which is pretty much my favorite of the year. Love it. Seriously - it's the service where we reflect on the Last Supper and the last moments that Jesus had with his best friends. Going to the Sedar definitely upped the significance of the various moments for me this year, but I love that service either way. The intimacy of the foot washing and reflecting on the security that I have in what Jesus has done ("this is My Body broken for you") makes me pause and appreciate. John Yates was focusing on a specific figure from the Passion story at each service this year, and Thursday's was Judas. Set against the tenderness of the Last Supper, Judas' rejection of Jesus becomes even sadder.

On Friday, I got to sleep in without looking at my work email (paying for that on Monday, BTW - triple digit emails- yikes), slowly got ready, and then went to the "Around the Cross" service on Good Friday. It goes from 12pm - 3pm to commemorate the hours when Christ was on the cross. While I was there, John covered Herod (the man who trifled with Jesus), Barrabbas (the first man who Jesus died in place of), Symon of Cyrene (the man who suffered with Christ), and Mary (the mother of Christ). It was such a gorgeous day when I got out that I couldn't help but mourn a little bit over our beautiful historic church:

I bucked myself up and went to my favorite cafe and got the world's most delicious turkey sandwich (Falls Churchers! Get thee to Natalia's and get one, stat!)

I met a friend to talk about life and then I went home and read in the backyard. It was a textbook perfect day...

And I was happy...

Until, of course, I went to the Good Friday Requiem service and was appropriately depressed. (We also talked about Mary Magdalene, which was thought provoking and not as depressing)

Flash to Easter... I went to the early service and admired the beautiful flowers:

And totally didn't cry at all over the message. No. Definitely not. Ahem.

After services, I went home and made a completely yummy and not-at-all-ugly hummingbird cake. A Southern favorite- I slathered it with my pecan cream cheese frosting and took it to my aunt's house for Easter lunch. Which was basically everything you think of when you think of Easter lunch... you forget how amazing honey baked ham is. I am so blessed whenever anyone cooks for me, but when it's as delicious as her food always is, I feel especially spoiled.

I don't share all this because I'm trying to act like my life is perfect and I spend my weekends in spiritually rapturous bliss. I get emo and real on here often enough that I hope you don't think that's what I'm trying to do. But I do want to take time to celebrate when I am able to fully enjoy something, like a weekend that has left me restored and ready to tackle the week's battles instead of drained or dreading another week.

I am rested. He is risen. Hallelujah!

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