Friday, June 22, 2012

Books Like Whoa: Books of the Planes (Volume 8)

This week was exciting for us here at Books of the Planes - there were dozens of folks reading acutal, real books in the airports! I've rarely had so many titles to choose from, but I'm going to stick with a few that younger people were reading. They keep telling us that people under 30 will eventually only read on eReaders - I say... never!

An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff (college girl with blond hair and cut off jean overalls)

Seven Guitars by August Wilson (high school volleyball player with a really long ponytail who kept switching between 3 books she had in her backpack)

Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs by Ursula Vernon (boy with a lot of freckles and a Star Wars t-shirt)

What are you reading on the planes this week?

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