Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend in Chicago

I finally got to spend a weekend in Chicago! For those of you keeping score, I've been languishing in the gross industrial suburbs for months and haven't gotten to see much of the big city. I've been to a Bulls game...

And to a Cubs game in Wrigley Field. And I've had my fair share of fancy dinners downtown (not to mention  a lot of yummy deep dish pizza):

But I had not yet fully sampled the delights of the city. So my mom and I set out to explore. We started with a hop on/hop off bus tour that was passable, but was somewhat diminished in enjoyability by an extremely bossy tour guide.

We got off back at our hotel (the Four Seasons on the Magnificent Mile) and were amazed at the gorgeous view we had of Lake Michigan and the skyline around it:

We took in a couple of movies, ate some great food, and even got a tour of the Old Town neighborhood from the Second City:

I loved hearing the history of the area, as well as hearing the backstage gossip about Second City. It was amazing to see all the talented people who had come through those stages over the years. Plus, I found out that "Chicago" comes from the Native American word for "Smelly Onion." Indeed.

All in all, I really like Chicago. It's clean, the architecture is amazing, and there seems like there's a lot to do over the summer. And Muhammed Ali was staying at my hotel - I waited for an elevator with him. So that was thrilling...

 If you haven't been to the Windy City, it's definitely worth a trip.

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