Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Books Like Whoa: Top Ten Genre Authors

Today's lovely Broke and Bookish list prompt was... top 10 authors in a genre of your choice! I couldn't pick one though, so I'm going top 10 genre authors. Any genre. Not necessarily my favorites, but I think all together, they make an amazing melange of reading delight. Enjoy!

1. Agatha Christie: Is there any surprise, like, at all that she's on here? Anyways, if we're talking mystery, she's gotta be on here. Start with Murder on the Orient Express and keep a-goin'.

2. Ann Rinaldi: Ms. Rinaldi is the most fantabulous YA historical fiction writer on either side of the Mississippi, one that no young person should miss. My very favorite is Time Enough for Drums. Though possibly it endangers girls of forming unhealthy relationships with their male teachers... but whatevs.

3. C.S. Lewis: Oh, Clive, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Aside from rocking my mind hole with the metaphysical, dude has conquered YA fantasy and science fiction. My favorite is The Magician's Nephew.

4. Dorothy Sayers: Yes, in some ways she is the snooty woman's mystery writer, but her prose is freaking majestic and Gaudy Night is her masterwork.

5. Jonathan Howard: I am seriously in love with Howard's wit and wisdom as evidenced in the Johannes Cabal series... seriously. Try it.

6. Tana French: I've just started getting into this series, but the writing is GORGEOUS and they are by far my favorite procedurals, which aren't usually my bag outside of prime time TV. Start with Into the Woods and continue on.

7. Stephen King: How can you talk about genre without the king of horror? I am especially partial to his short stories, and for those aspiring writers, On Writing is fantabulous.

8. Shirley Jackson: How can you talk about genre without the queen of horror? My very favorite is The Haunting of Hill House... don't hold the movie against it.

9. Arturo Perez-Reverte: These books are translations from the original Spanish beautifully and I'd say these are probably my favorite historical fiction. The Club Dumas is especially excellent.

10. P.G. Wodehouse: I'm not sure if making me giggle like a school girl counts as a genre, but if so, Wodehouse is the master of it. The short stories are just the best... I guess humor is a genre, right?

Who are your favorite genre writers?

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