Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Music - Sufjan Style

In the words of the strange Charlie Brown children, Christmas time is here again!

Actually, Christmas time has been here for me for awhile. Since I didn't head back to the ole USA for Thanksgiving, I have been in the Christmas spirit since early November. I was bopping along to my standard Christmas ditties: Cole Porter, Bing Crosby, Alvin and the Chipmunks... and Sufjan Stevens.

Oh Sufjan. His Christmas music has been the cornerstone of my yuletide listening. His album, Songs for Christmas, was folksy and awesome and made me re-love so many of my favorite carols. His cover is "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is just the best.

And then November 13th came. And he released his second Christmas album, Silver and Gold.

Y'all. Seriously. This is awesome! It's a different sound, because Sufjan has moved to a more electronic-y kind of sound in the last few years. It is still great and even the more techno-tastic tracks, like "Good King Wenceslas." You can sample a lot of the tracks for free here.

But my very favorite part of this album are the three versions of "Ah Holy Jesus." Haunting. Beautiful. New Christmas classic.

Seriously people, let's start a petition that Sufjan be sequestered until he has covered every hymn and carol known to man. This needs to happen.

What is your favorite Christmas music?

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